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Go Gadget (ALPHA)
A Microsoft Windows Installment of the Ubuntu Taskbar


Table of Contents

  1. What is Go Gadget
  2. Go Gadget Features
  3. Future Updates
  4. GUI Screenshots
  5. Why should I use Go Gadget?
  6. Links
  7. Contributors



What is Go Gadget
Go Gadget is a taskbar that sits on the right side of the screen on your desktop. You can use it
to pin your favorite folders, images, applications, and shortcuts.

Go Gadget Features

  • User Friendly
  • Drag & Drop Friendly
  • Support for Images
  • Support for Applications (.Exe)
  • Support for Shortcuts
  • DirectX Animated UI (WPF)
  • Automatic Background Color Detection
  • Support for Command Line Arguments (Drag & Drop Support as well)
  • MANY MANY More Features To Come!




Future Updates

  • Application Preview Thumbnails
  • Free Cloud Storage (For User Settings)
  • Override Theme Color Changing
  • More User Customization (A LOT MORE)
  • Mouse Acceleration Monitor (To prevent accidental showing of the taskbar)


[Open to Suggestions.]
I also did not list a lot of future updates because we are still going through what we plan to do.




































Why should I use Go Gadget?
We plan to make this tool as useful & functional as possible.





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